Web Design Master is privately owned and operated by its founder and president, Stephanie Nelson. The company first opened in the summer of 2008 and grew from a one person shop to multiple employees, a partner with various Art / Design Firms in the DC area and has been hired to complete various Government work. At Web Design Master, we consider ourselves to be among the best at what we do and would settle for no less than being the leading edge company using the latest technology and ideas while not sacrificing excellent customer service, for modern businesses across the United States.

Our philosophy in business concerns treating the client in the very best possible manner so that they will refer potential new clients to us. We want every single customer to be so completely satisfied with our work that they would not even consider another company for their needs.

Internet use, as a whole, is on the rise. With soaring gas prices and various other economic issues, the internet will continue to grow and change. These changes cause more and more to turn to the internet for their needs, giving businesses reason to completely rethink their advertising as well as their client appeal. Newspapers and fliers are becoming almost non existent with the millions that turn to websites each day for local news and weather. In this growing industry, a website company with an excellent reputation as well as the ability to grow and change with the latest technology trends will surpass any competition. Web Design Master continues to study the latest developments in technology as well as keep up on the leading edge of what businesses and users look for.

At Web Design Master we hire individuals who are determined to better themselves. We don’t discriminate against gender, race or even education. If a person is willing to take the time and effort required to learn a valuable skill for the company we are more than willing to train. By hiring such individuals we cultivate loyalty, a willingness to work hard and technology related skills that are traits rarely found in today’s workplace. With these values, we have hired some of the most dependable, trustworthy and hardworking employees in the industry. These individuals’ backgrounds have brought so much into play from ideas to the latest technology that they have researched on their own time, that the company would be nowhere without them. The sheer uniqueness of each staff member gives such diversity to the websites that we create, not one client has been dissatisfied.